Need org File DQ250

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Need org File DQ250

Beitrag von F1M » 1. Mai 2017, 21:04

Hi end thanks fore let me in to this forum

I get a car to the shop last week efter that some one have flash the DSG with worng software end they did not make a backup.

I dont have so mutch info about the DSG but i hope this help to find the right software or if some one know, This is the document that was in teh box with the DSG when the change this i hope its can be to som help PLZ PM me

Getribel Nr XPD-003_623
Kupplung Nr 0759206
Sk.-Nr: H12110020AE
Hytronic: C3-1156
Software: CANAPE
Basis. Parameterasatz: C11K051
Teil-Parametersatz: C11K51_DFXX_25A_Golf_5a_sw.sgm

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