Passat b6. DSG errors. 19143

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Passat b6. DSG errors. 19143

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have a problem with my E02 gearbox. i'll try to explain...
2006 passat B6. 2.0L diesel. 103kw

first of oll it started with the error of EPB. and put the cable between my car and computer.
the first error was: 17130 Pressure control solenoid A performance or stuck off.

took away the mec unit and one wire was loose inside the ecu. so i welded it.
added all parts togeher again and the car was driving. but only 300meters and it was all.

didn't do any basic setting, just tried to drive.
on the 1st drive after reinstalling all parts I put on the cruise control (yes im stupid, maybe i fucked up somethind? )

now the 3 errors I see are:

01087 - Basic Setting Not Performed

000 - -

18115 - Interference in Mechatronic Module

P1707 - 005 - No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation

19143 - Unexpected / Implausible Mechanical Gear Disengagement

P2711 - 004 - No Signal/Communication

cant do the autoscan, but only one was more. find in engine and it says to check gearbox ecu.

gearbox don't do anything. not the 1st gear or not even the neutral. just stuck on the Park and thats all.

the main reason is it won't let me to do any basic settings, for example the group 061 it says error not available. also 062 an 060. a few of them was able to do the basics, but not the main ones.

should i take the mec unit apart again and check the wires to g501 and g502 sensors?

also tried to do the firmware update. was successful, i think.
old firmware was: V069112702ea__getriebe_DSG_cX5P
new one is now: v0697C0802ea__getriebe_DSG_cX7C
coding to 000020 was successful

also changed the old oil. old one was in a very nice condition. not any sh*t inside or something. nice clean oil.
as new i used oil: meyle ATF DCG II - because it was recommended by the car parts shop. added picture of the oil also.

I will add the link to some (read: a lot of) pictures. took those from the measuring block what they sayd, maybe it helps. ... RmhFxeailh

any ideas?

have nice weekend. :P

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